Janice Dillon-Wesley - Community Garden

Peggy Porterfield - NHHW

Candis Barrett - Americorp
Joyce Sutton - Americorp
Ariel Cole - Americorp
Charlene Wilson - Americorp
Candace Lea - Summer Foods/MLK/Administrative
Mary Ann Whitt - MLK
Pop Lunsford - Community Garden

History of Contributors

2016 Team Members

Holler Enterprises

Welcome Paulina Lopez, our new Project Specialist, who joined Team S.P.E.E.E.D. in March 2016.  She is studying to be a lawyer and hopes to one day start a non-profit of her own.

She loves that S.P.E.E.E.D.'s workshops address some of the financial literacy and practical life skills which she has seen that our community needs, the same issues which prompted her to run for Board of Education.  Paulina aims to help more youth aspire to greater things through her involvement in our Fresh Start, EOG Slam, Community Garden, and Outreach activities.

January 2010 - Subcommittee

Danny Johnson                       Joseph Davis
Teresa Johnson                      Jim Jones
Janet Harris                             Debra Davies
Tony Smith                               Sandra Hicks
Lorretta Stanely                       Dawn Wright
Shirley Dean                             Mary
Mildred Hughes                       LeighAnn Cresson
Ariel Cole                                  Jennifer Grable
Wanda Rogers                         Wesley
Maurice Faulkner                    Brenda Harris
Inez Jeffers                              Carolyn Sample


Candace Lea-Summer Foods/MLK/Administrative/Christmas Parade
Brian Requer-Christmas Parade
Rocky-NHHW Gospelfest Kick-off
Joanne Jones-NHHW Gospelfest Kick-off
Andrea-NHHW Gospelfest Kick-off
Jason Torain-Community Garden
Steve Winter -EOG Slam
Judy-Community Garden
Joyce Rogers-Americorp/Advisory Board
Cassandra Torian-EOG Slam
Anita Charnekar -EOG Slam/Community Garden 
Nancy Winter -EOG Slam/Fresh Start/Administrative
Ariel Cole-Summer Foods
Pat Lea-YEA Workshop
Carla Johnson-YEA Workshop
Pop Lunsford-Community Garden
Mary Ann Whitt-MLK Parade
Monica -Christmas Parade


April Allison-Literacy/Summer Foods
Ariel Cole-Summer Foods
Vivian Timlic-Summer Foods/Community Garden
Joyce Rogers-Summer Foods
Cassandra Torian-Summer Foods
Candace Lea-Summer Foods
W. Lamar Smith-Administration
Kendra Stephens-Administration
Malinda Stephens-Summer Foods
James Stephens-Summer Foods
Mary Jane -Summer Foods

Pop Lunsford-Community Garden

Meet Janice, our new Community Garden and Trades Manager.  Janice grew up upper middle class, but then, as an adult, experienced the struggles of being a single mother.  Now, as a mother of 6 and grandmother of 8 in a combined-family, Janice, through her first-hand experiences of the struggles of renting and trying to provide for oneself while raising a family and balancing work and chronic health issues, aims to work through her role in SPEEED to help educate others who are struggling to find a way to provide for themselves through growing their own food.  

Thank you so much for your time, donations and support that helps keep the missions and goals going. Go TEAM! 

Nan Jeffers founded S.P.E.E.E.D. in 2007 after a recession caused many people to loose their jobs. With no additional training or a plan B many families were unable to make ends meet. Personal triumphs and hardships shaped Nan's passion for youth and their issues. From 2007 to 2009, Nan looked to God for guidance in writing narratives and grants to form the structure through which S.P.E.E.E.D. would make a difference: by serving as a team and loving as a family.  Nan's plight is to ensure that youth excel academically while learning new things and serving others. From the three "E's" it is hoped that they learn what they like to do and dislike, sparking an spirit of entrepreneurship.  Allowing them to embrace the idea that they can create their own opportunities and businesses. Then if the economy takes a downward swing again they will have a Plan A, B, and C.  

Richard Stockman - Community Garden/Farm Tour
Sue Martin - Community Garden/Farm Tour
Pastor Clevie Brandon - YEC-Spring Workshop
Vera Braswell - YEC-Spring Workshop
Paulina Lopez - Fresh Start/EOG Slam/Community Garden/YEC-Spring/Administrative
PJ Gentry - MLK Day Birthday Bash
Nancy Winter - Fresh Start/EOG Slam/Community Garden
Anita  - EOG Slam/Community Garden

S.P.E.E.E.D.  Special Populations Enrichment, Education and Employment Department


Deacon Authority-NHHW Gospelfest Kick-off
Ms. Daisy-NHHW Gospelfest Kick-off
Torain Family-NHHW Gospelfest Kick-off
Estella Okafor-YEA/Fresh Start
Judge Mark Galloway-Wheels of Meals and Fun
Algernon Henderson-SFSP/CACFP
Deborah Torain-Williams-SFSP/CACFP
Joyce Rogers-Advisory Board
Cassandra Torian-Summer Foods/EOG Slam
Ariel Cole-Summer Foods
Pat Lea-YEA Workshop
Malinda Stephens-Summer Foods
James Stephens-Summer Foods
Mary Jane -Summer Food
Pop Lunsford-Community Garden
Mary Ann Whitt-MLK


Allen HInes-Character Crunk
Pastor Jim Jones-Advisory Board
Co-Pastor Teresa Johnson-Advisory Board
Janet Harris-Advisory Board
Tony Smith -Advisory Board
Sherry Thompson-Advisory Board
Brenda Henry-Administration
Brenda Goins-Administration
Pop Lunsford-Community Garden
Vivian Timlic-Summer Foods/Community Garden
Carolyn Sample-YEC/Literacy/Summer Foods/Fall for the Cause
April Allison-Literacy/Summer Foods/Fall for the Cause
Donald Jones-Summer Foods
Donald Williams-Signage

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